Expert Services Providing forensic transportation engineering expertise for clients nationwide

Since 1975, our staff members have provided research, technical analyses, and expert witness testimonies
and declarations as part of clients’ motions before the court. Our team of forensic transportation engineering consultants includes some of the industry’s leading experts available to assist you with a variety of legal services.

We have a wealth of experience in crash investigations, reconstructions, and expert witness testimony, and utilize the latest technologies to collect more data and document more perspectives, helping our clients understand more objectively what took place at the scene of a crash.

Our staff members are engaged with the planning and design of transportation facilities, strengthening our expert consultation and testimony through ongoing participation in transportation planning, operations, design, and research.


Technological Services

In addition, we have a variety of technological capabilities, including:

  • Drone Aerial Mapping
  • FARO Laser Scanning
  • Heavy Vehicle and Passenger Vehicle Downloads
  • Diagramming, Animations, and Fly Throughs
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality