Crash Investigation and Reconstruction

Kittelson LLC’s team, including three ACTAR accredited crash reconstruction experts, offers a wealth of expe­rience in crash investigations, reconstructions, and expert witness testimony. Utilizing today’s technologies, we can collect more data and document more perspectives, helping our clients reduce human surveying errors and more objectively understand what took place at the scene of a crash. A wealth of ongoing field experience ensures that our technical analyses and interpretations are based on relevant and state-of-the-art forensic transportation engi­neering theory and practice. Read more about our technological capabilities and the steps we take to reconstruct a crash.

Other services we offer related to crash investigation and reconstruction include:

  • Driver Behavior. We can review available data to determine a driver’s behavior at the time of the crash. For example, we have been able to determine that a truck driver was using social media accounts on his phone during the time of a crash by analyzing his mobile data usage.
  • Forensic Examination of Driver Hours of Service Compliance. We can examine the driver Record of Duty Status and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance, and compare these records to available supporting documentation and reports.
  • Heavy Vehicle Post-Crash Forensic Mechanical Inspection. We can go to the crash scene or a storage area to conduct a physical inspection of the commercial vehicle and document the condition of the vehicle, any violations noted, and specific information needed for a crash reconstruction (tire size and condition; brake type, size, and condition; etc.)
  • Sight Distance Assessment. We are well versed in how to measure sight distance and how sight distance is used in engineering applications.