What We Do
Our staff has extensive experience in roadway design, crash reconstruction, and eminent domain issues to assist you in your case.

Design Evaluation

Our experts have decades of experience in the design, construction, and operation of transportation facilities including roads, traffic control devices, and temporary traffic control. This experience in both the public and private sectors gives our staff the perspective needed to investigate a wide range of traffic and transportation cases.

Crash Reconstruction

We are qualified to perform crash reconstruction services using the latest technologies to collect, store, analyze, and display crash data.

3D Laser Scanning

Our FARO 3D laser scanner is used to precisely measure crash scenes and vehicles. Laser scanning collects millions of data points in a fraction of the time of traditional methods of measurement. Laser scanning produces a point cloud that can be imported into computer software to complete various analyses. It also allows for the long-term digital storage of vehicle and scene data. Additionally, scanning is safer for our experts allowing them to collect data from the side of the road rather than taking measurements in the road.


Our animation tools can quickly put together a recreation of a crash. Whether the crash involved a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, animation can be an effective tool to illustrate the sequences that took place in the events leading up to and during a crash.

Eminent Domain and Other Legal/Legislative Processes

As qualified experts in the areas of highway design, traffic engineering, and site access and parking lot design and circulation, we have assisted attorneys in private practice and in government with eminent domain, administrative permit approvals and other legal/legislative matters. We have provided expert witness services for state attorneys general offices and departments of transportation as well as municipalities, counties/parishes, school districts and private property owners. We have worked on hundreds of projects of the following types: property condemnation for highway, public school, and transit facility improvements; landfills; solid waste transfer facilities; sand mining operations; and construction and maintenance traffic control.