Traffic Operations

Our team has a wealth of experience in traffic operations, including research experience that has informed the latest version of the Transportation Research Board’s Highway Capacity Manual. Our expertise includes bicyclists and pedestrians, traditional and alternative intersection forms, highways and streets, and more.

Kittelson LLC staff regularly review and design traffic signals, conduct research related to traffic signal timing, and perform timing and evaluation of signal systems. We have designed numerous traffic signal installations and developed efficient signal timings for both individual intersections and signal systems. In addition, we are experienced in the design and development of pedestrian and bicycle signals (including pedestrian walking times) and traffic signal pre-emption for railroad grade crossings that are equipped with flashing warning signals (with or without gates).

We draw from this expertise in our work as forensic transportation engineers. When a crash occurs at a signalized intersection, we can use a combination of data and witness testimony to evaluate the situation and aid clients in determining whether a driver likely followed the rules at a signalized intersection.