Traffic Control

Our staff have been involved in the development of research on traffic control devices associated with traffic signals, roundabouts, and two-way and all-way stop control intersections. Our experts include authors of the Roundabout Informational Guide, USDOT Traffic Signal Timing Manual, and other traffic control publications. We are knowledgeable about the standards and guidelines for traffic control devices (signs, signals, and pavement markings) contained in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices as well as typical applications of traffic control devices for public highways and streets.

Our team has extensive research and design experience with temporary traffic control and work zones. We regularly review and engage in work-zone-related cases and provide risk assessment services for contractors and public agencies. We are experienced with developing and evaluating traffic control plans for highway construction projects and are knowledgeable about the traffic control requirements and guidelines contained in the MUTCD.

Gene Hawkins has an extensive background in traffic operations, construction work zones, and is a leading expert on the subject of traffic control devices (i.e., signs, markings, and traffic signals). He is a former chair of the Transportation Research Board’s Traffic Control Devices Committee and is the current Chair for the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.