September 1, 2019The Answer Lies in the Pavement

Selecting the Right Pavement Expert

Pavement failures can occur for many reasons: inadequate design, excessive loading, weathering and climatic condition effects, and methods of construction are just a few. Pavement-related litigation often calls for the input of pavement experts to determine if damaged or defective pavement was the cause or the contributing factors associated with the resultant pavement damage or defect. Using field data collected through a well-planned testing and sampling program, pavement experts can track down answers and identify the root causes of pavement cracking, surface deterioration, and/or other forms of pavement distress.

What to Look For in a Pavement Expert

  1. Look for a pavement expert who is experienced practically and theoretically, and who is well credentialed. The wider someone’s experience base, the more broadly versed he/she will be with pavement issues. Also, someone who studies pavement behavior performance can provide an extensive wealth of knowledge, including a thorough understanding of the questions to ask, the nuances to consider, and the findings from existing research.
  2. Look for a pavement expert who possesses knowledge that is current, and who is aware of the latest design approaches for different types of pavement systems.
  3. Look for a pavement expert with experience specific to the technical topics relevant to the case. Considerations may include: Is the pavement asphalt or concrete? Is the case related to design, construction, or how the structure has performed—or all three? This can help you narrow your list to find an expert with the specific knowledge you need.

Kittelson LLC’s Pavement Expert Witness Services

Kittelson LLC has two highly experienced pavement expert witnesses on staff. Senior Principal Engineer Dan Zollinger has nearly 30 years of research and project development experience in concrete pavement design and performance, including the transfer of new technology and test methods to improve the performance of concrete pavements. Also a Research Engineer at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and a Professor of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University, Dan has accumulated extensive experience and background in the development of concrete pavement design procedures and was a member of the development team for the original Pavement ME.

Senior Principal Engineer Dallas Little is Regents Professor and E. B. Snead Endowed Chair Professor of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University-College Station, Texas. He is also Senior Research Fellow at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute where he was the first researcher to hold that position. Dallas has published over 220 refereed journal publications, given more than 400 invited lectures, served on many advisory and executive committees. and remains a widely sought-after consultant and expert witness on projects related to infrastructure performance and forensic studies. He has served as a consultant to over 125 companies worldwide.

With the support of the entire Kittelson LLC team, Dan Zollinger and Dallas Little serve our clients with pavement expert witness services including:

  • Performance Evaluation: Assessing pavement performance and identifying key factors affecting the longevity of the pavement system.
  • Pavement Design: Reviewing designs for pavement structures from a variety of perspectives, including layer thickness with respect to both short-term and long-term performance.
  • Pavement Materials and Construction Quality: Helping reduce the odds of premature pavement failure by assessing the compatibility and suitability of proposed materials and specifications.

You can read more about Kittelson LLC’s services here. With any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at (979) 693-5800.