November 14, 2022MUTCD Website Updates

Over the summer, Kittelson LLC launched the MUTCD website and included scans of all ten editions and revisions to some of the more recent editions. We recently updated the website to have the revisions for the 1935 and 1948 editions of the MUTCD. The website now provides a complete historical record of the national MUTCD through all 10 editions and revisions. These changes bring the ability to replicate MUTCD provisions that were in place beginning in November 1935.

The site also includes the 1958 AASHO Manual for Signing and Pavement Marking of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways. This document first introduced freeway guide signing, green for the background of guide signs, and a mixed case font in guide signs.

We will continue to add content to the website, including posting revisions of the AASHO Interstate Manual shortly. Long-term plans include posting many Federal Register notices for MUTCD changes that preceded the availability of these notices on the internet.

For questions, feel free to give us a call at (979) 693-5800.