December 23, 2019Holiday Travel – Safety Tips

Every holiday season, travel in any increment is almost inevitable. We’ve asked some holiday travel experts to share some of their favorite tips and guidelines for a safe arrival.

Take it from DASHER – Travel at appropriate speeds for roadway conditions. Getting home for the holidays is better than spending time in a hospital.

DANCER acknowledges that weaving in and out of travel lanes is not safe, especially at high speeds. PRANCER knows to make lane changes only when adequate gaps are available, and to use turn indicators.

VIXEN plans on being courteous to other drivers and driving defensively this holiday season. The holidays are the time for joy!

Use your headlights! COMET knows this practice well and likes to stay safe and seen. Just remember to dim your high beams with the appropriate distance!

Put the phone down CUPID! Refrain from sending texts or selfies while driving. Your loved ones will thank you.

DONNER and BLITZEN are no strangers to extreme weather conditions. Be sure to check your travel routes for weather advisories and give yourself more than enough time to get there! The best gift you can give your loved ones, is you.

On any foggy December night, that might be RUDOLPH you see in the distance, but it is more likely another vehicle. As the guide of Santa’s sleigh, Rudolph knows the importance of proper stopping distance.

You’ll go down in history once you arrive to your destination safely!