Asphalt and Concrete Pavement

The Kittelson LLC team is well-versed in performance evaluations, pavement design, and pavement materials and construction quality.

Performance Evaluation

Our team can identify key factors affecting the longevity of the pavement system. This includes identifying the root causes of pavement cracking, pavement buckling, slab warping, and other forms of pavement distress, whether they be material, climate, or load related. With this background, distress mechanisms can be addressed to minimize or prevent further distress.

Pavement Design

We review designs for pavement structures from a variety of perspectives, including layer thickness with respect to both short-term and long-term performance. This considers key pavement distress types, performance factors, construction methodology, and material characteristics as well as the risk associated with the design.

Pavement Materials and Construction Quality

We assess the materials and specifications proposed for construction or rehabilitation to confirm they will yield the performance expected for a given project. This requires an understanding of how select material characteristics affect performance. Our team also assesses the quality of construction and procedures, methods, and means to reduce risk and premature pavement failure, improving long-term performance.